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The Secret Circle icons

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Et aucune grande personne ne comprendra jamais que ça a tellement d'importance !
This community is for icons related to the CW show The Secret Circle. Icons for the show itself, the actors and any previous works they've been in are welcome here.


01. Please keep icon crossposts to 4 icons or less. Posts with more than 4 will be deleted without warning.

02. Since this is a The Secret Circle icon community it would be appreciated if your teasers are TSC-related only. If you're only posting a few TSC icons in total feel free to link your original personal entry but post them all to this community.

03. Please indicate if your post leads to a locked community.

04. Off topic posts will be deleted without warning.

05. If you wish to cross-promote for community/show-appropriate subjects please contact marishna. If you crosspost without clearance I'll delete it without warning.

06. I don't anticipate there being a problem with unruly members (the iconning community can be such shit-disturbers ;] ) but I will ban if needed.

07. If taking icons please read the makers' rules, comment for sure and credit where asked.

08. Have fun!

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